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US Congress Demands More Details About PlayStation Network Attack

Sony has been asked by a congressional subcommittee to explain the details of the recent security breach that resulted in over 77 million PlayStation Network users' personal information being stolen by hackers.

The US House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trading, in its letter to Sony Chairman Kazuo Hirai, asked the company to provide details regarding this breach including the exact timing of the attack, how much data was stolen and why it took Sony so long to inform affected customers that they might be at risk.

The letter also demanded more specifics regarding compromised credit card details.

The letter stated, “Given the amount and nature of the personal information known to have been taken, the potential harm that could be caused if credit card information was also taken would be quite significant,” the Los Angeles Times (opens in new tab) reports.

Sony has to submit its answers before the committee by May 6.

Yesterday Sony executives apologised to the victims of the breach, and assured them that the company would take corrective measures to prevent any such incidents from taking place in the future. Sony also offered a month of free game play in a move to retain its customer base.