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US Government Begins Its Move To The Cloud

The US government has decided that it will begin moving services to the cloud, some in the near future, intensifying competition in this growing field.

Google, Microsoft and Amazon are working to establish themselves as major cloud service providers but analysts believe that the market for cloud computing will continue to expand, providing more room for all three companies, as well as currently unknown start-ups, to thrive.

According to an article in the Washington Post (opens in new tab), the US government’s recent decision to make cloud computing the first choice for new IT projects has sparked off a race amongst companies to be first to provide cloud computing services to the government. The US government has even mandated that some agencies migrate services to a cloud platform in the next 18 months.

This competition is obvious in recent spats such as whether or not Google's cloud services meet a standard called FISMA.

Microsoft and Google are looking to offer cloud based platforms and applications to public and private sector organisations while Amazon Web Services is thought to have an early advantage developing the infrastructure necessary for a cloud computing platform, despite its recent outages.