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Valve confirms free content pack for Portal 2

Valve has confirmed that its just-launched box-shifting puzzler Portal 2 is set to get an expansion in the form of a downloadable content pack, free across all of the game's platforms.

The Portal 2 DLC #1, to give it its full name, will bring additional test chambers for players to riddle with portals in the name of science, with new leaderboards for a bit of healthy competition between players.

Both the single-player and multi-player - a co-operative effort starring the robots Atlas and P-Body, introduced into Portal 2 to address concerns about the longevity of the original title - will get a new challenge mode, too - although Valve has yet to clarify exactly what this mode will entail.

While Valve hasn't issued official sales figures for the game, it has described Portal 2 as its fastest selling title since Half Life 2 - and given our first impressions of the Xbox 360 version, it's not hard to see why the game is proving popular.

For PC gamers dismayed to find Valve offering day-one downloadable content in the form of paid-for accessories - which in no way alter the game's mechanics or add anything other than a visual flair to the characters - the news that Portal 2's first real DLC is to be free is likely welcome.

It's not just PC gamers who can celebrate, however: unlike content packs for Valve's previous games such as zombie shooter Left 4 Dead, which was free for PC but a paid-for extra on consoles, the first Portal 2 DLC will be free on all platforms, including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Mac.

Note that Valve has confirmed that the 'first' DLC for Portal 2 will be free - meaning that future add-ons are likely to come with an associated cost for those wishing to prolong their time in the Aperture Science Enrichment Centre.