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4oD App Available For iPad

Channel 4 is coming up with a brand new iPad app for its 4oD TV catch up services.

The new application is designed with the purpose of enabling the users to enjoy selected shows from Channel 4, E4 and More4 on their Apple tablet devices.

It also gives users a chance to view the shows they miss, within a limited time period of 30 days after they were originally broadcast.

However, the app does not feature the 4oD archive, at least not for the time being, meaning that users will have to remain content with catch-up TV only.

Channel 4 is optimistic about launching the 4oD archive soon enough though, thus enabling users to take the privilege of watching classic shows.

As one would usually expect, the app will heavily rely on advertising. The sponsors will be allowed to promote their brands at the beginning as well as during an ongoing program, just like any normal TV program.

Before the 4oD was introduced to the platform, iPad users could not watch Channel 4 programs as the tablet device does not include support for the Adobe Flash player.

The app is free for download in the Apple app store, but reportedly only for a limited time. Also, the app is for UK viewers only.