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Bin Laden Searches Increase By 10,000 Per Cent As Teens Ask 'Who Is He?'

The fact that the US Military unceremoniously chucked his corpse in the sea may have some people wondering whether Osama bin Laden is actually dead, but most people don't even know who he was, according to Yahoo search trends.

The once-mighty search company reported that searches for the Saudi-born terror leader increased by 100,000 per cent on the back of the news that he had been killed by a special forces operation on Pakistani soil.

According to thinq_ a terrifyingly large proportion of those carrying out the searches were American teenagers who didn't even know who the world's most wanted man was, let alone what he had been up to for most of their lives.

The fact that many searches were for 'Obama bin Laden' might also have many people wondering what on earth they are teaching in schools nowadays.

Searches for President Obama's approval rating, the 911 terror attacks and the lyrics to The Star Spangled Banner were also boosted by the death of the world's most wanted man.