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Bing will be default search engine on BlackBerry

Microsoft's Bing is to become the default search engine on Research In Motion's BlackBerry devices, Steve Ballmer announced at the RIM BlackBerry World Conference 2011 today.

The Microsoft CEO told people at the event that Bing and Bing Maps would be "integrated at the OS level" on BlackBerry handsets to be released later this year.

Attendees were shown the following video, demonstrating how Bing would integrate into the mobile devices.

The move to build Microsoft's search and location functionality into its BlackBerry mobile OS is aimed at helping RIM to recoup some of the market share it has lost over the last year to the Apple iPhone, as well as devices based on Google's Android OS.

Microsoft recently formalised a deal with Finnish mobile giant Nokia to develop handsets for its Windows Phone 7 mobile OS in another bid to wage war on both Apple and search giant Google, whose Android OS is under legal challenge in a patent dispute brought by Microsoft against US bookseller Barnes & Noble and others.

Barnes & Noble has accused the software company of 'misusing' patent law in an attempt to deter manufacturers from using Android.