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BlackBerry Reveals That New OS Won't Support Flash, Android Apps

Research in Motions’s new BlackBerry operating system, OS 7, will be equipped with many previously unseen features, but still lacks Flash and Android app support.

The company recently announced that despite many people's expectations OS 7 is not based on QNX, the operating system that RIM uses in its tablets, PC Mag reports. Rather its an update of the BlackBerry OS 6, the platform currently in use. This new update in the operating system has been introduced in order to support the new phones in the BlackBerry family line up carrying upgraded hardware components, especially dual core processors.

Since OS 7 supports dual core processors, which RIM phone have not previously had, the update will not be available for existing BlackBerry phones. So those who want to get their hands on the OS 7, must purchase a new handset, such as the Bold 9900, or 9930. Both these phones feature a number of hardware upgrades including an added touch screen to the existing standard QWERTY keyboard.

While OS 7 is a clear upgrade from OS 6, RIM is taking a chance that developers will ignore it in anticipation of a QNX-based operating system in the near future, leaving customers without an adequate pool of apps to choose from.