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CouchBase Releases NoSQL Library For iPhone, iPad Developers

CouchBase has released a beta version of its NoSQL-based application for Apple’s iPhone and iPad developers.

The platform is the first NoSQL database available to native iOS developers and comes with transparent mobile-to-cloud sychronisation. Mobile CouchBase for iOS comes with an embeddable library with Apple Xcode IDE integration.

Developers will be able to incorporate the Mobie CouchBase platform with their iOS apps to automatically synchronise locally stored app data like customer information and preferences to a cloud or data centre running CouchBase.

The data synchronisation feature that comes with the platform is powered by the CouchSync replication technology, which is also used by Canonical to synchronise Ubuntu systems with the Ubuntu One cloud service.

The library itself is small, so that developers won't have a problem keeping their applications below 20 MB, the limit for many 3G apps.

“Mobile CouchBase for iOS solves a huge problem in application development – how to build applications that run and synchronize with mobile devices. Sync has been an unsolved challenge and users are often turned off by slow applications, even when the slowness is due to network issues, not necessarily code,” Chris Anderson, CouchBase Co-Founder and Chief Architect for Mobile, said in a press release.