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Merchandisers On eBay Look to Profit From Osama's Death

Popular auction and retail platform eBay has been flooded with merchandise related to the recent death of Osama bin Laden.

It was Sunday May 1 when US President Barack Obama announced that a team of US SEALs had launched an attack on bin Laden’s mansion in Abbotabad, Pakistan and killed him. After establishing his identity, bin Laden was buried at sea.

A day after the news broke, merchandisers have flooded eBay with buttons, tags, hats, shirts and pins, carrying slogans like “We Got Him,” “World Hide and Go Seek Champion 2001 – 2011,” and “Revenge at Last”, Zippy Cart reveals.

Merchandisers intend to exploit the mass euphoria in the West at the death of bin Laden and offering people a chance to express their feelings and support for the US government by purchasing and wearing the merchandise.

No word on how much these merchants are earning, but with all the media buzz one has to imagine they are doing well.

Apart from e-commerce solutions like eBay, people had flooded social networks with messages on the death of bin Laden. Micro-blogging platform Twitter revealed that on average, users had sent more than 3,000 tweets every second on Sunday, making a new record.