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Mozilla To Launch Faster Firefox For Linux Users

Open source software maker Mozilla will soon release a new version of its Firefox web browser for Linux operating system platform that will be much faster than its predecessors.

According to PC World, Mozilla’s developers have finally managed to integrate Firefox’s Linux builds with the GNU Compiler Collection version 4.5.

The team was successful in compiling the web browser with GCC after two failed attempts last year, Mozilla developer Mike Hommey informed via blog post.

“This means we are finally using a more modern tool chain, opening opportunities for things such as static analysis. This also means we are now producing a faster Firefox, now much closer to the Windows builds on the same hardware on various performance tests,” the developer informed.

He also revealed that the new Firefox builds will be able to work with older Linux platforms such as RedHat/CentOS 5. The first Firefox version for Linux with the enhanced speeds will most probably be the version 6.

The open source Firefox web browser comes pre-installed on most of the open source Linux operating systems including Ubuntu and Fedora.