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NSA Best Practices Recommend Windows Over Linux For Security

A best practices document released by the US National Security Agency has advised users against using open source operating system platforms like Linux.

In its ‘Best Practices for Keeping Your Home Network Secure’ document, the NSA has determined that Microsoft’s proprietary Windows 7 and Windows Vista offer the best security features to users compared to previous versions like Windows XP.

“Both Windows 7 and Vista provide substantial security enhancements over earlier Windows

workstation operating systems such as XP. Many of these security features are enabled by default and help prevent many common attack vectors,” the NSA report said.

“In addition, implementing the 64-bit mode of the OS on a 64-bit hardware platform substantially increases the effort of an adversary to attain a system or root compromise,” it added.

The document, designed presumably for older systems, advises users to upgrade to Windows 7 or Vista. The NSA completely snubbed open source alternatives like Linux. The agency even failed to highlight the security features on Apple’s Mac OS X platform.

The NSA advised users to keep updating their operating systems and antivirus software in order to provide a secure working environment. It advised users to select the automatic update option on Windows and Mac systems so that they keep on updating by themselves.