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PlayStation Network Scandal May Cause Mass Xbox 360 Defection, Survey Says

A survey carried out in the US revealed that around a fifth of PlayStation 3 owners are considering quitting the platform altogether and moving to Microsoft's Xbox 360 instead.

The research, carried out by CouponCodes4U, polled more than 2100 adults and found that 41 per cent of them had a PlayStation 3, with the overwhelming majority (89 per cent) saying that they were concerned that Sony's security breach might have exposed their personal data.

This prompted Mark Pearson, chairman of CouponCodes4U, to declare, "As a video gamer myself, this data theft is especially worrying and I'm not altogether surprised that Sony are likely to see an exodus to console competitors."

Sony's executive deputy president, Kazuo Hirai, has already announced plans to roll out new PlayStation Network security features including allowing password changes to be done though a verified email address or the same console that particular account is attached to.

He also said that the company would install firewalls, move to a new data center and create a new Chief Security Officer post to highlight Sony's commitment to security.

Sony has around 77 million PlayStation Network members and although many of these are duplicates (because the service is essentially free), the fact that a significant portion carry credit card details and other personal data makes the breach even more worrying.