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Report Reveals FBI Agents Might Lack Skills To Prevent And Investigate Cyber Intrusion

FBI agents responsible for detecting, preventing and investigating a cyber intrusion might not have the skills necessary to do their jobs.

According to a report released by the US Department of Justice, a third of the FBI agents it interviewed lacked the skills required to do their job.

The embarrassing report revealed that out of the 36 agents interviewed by the Justice department, 13 were found to be lacking certain key skills that might enable them to battle cyber intrusion related to national security.

Bloomberg reported (opens in new tab) that five of the FBI agents told the inspector general’s office, they considered themselves unqualified to investigate cyber intrusion.

The report, which was conducted in 10 of the FBI’s 56 field offices, concluded that even though nation security intrusions were the FBI’s top cyber priority, the members of the FBI field offices responsible for forensic and analysis was ‘inadequate’ to support national security intrusion investigation.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson of FBI’s cyber division said that the report only ‘is a snapshot taken from a few field offices’. The spokesperson said that the agency was limited by congressional budget cuts and spent more money on its cyber security division than it is assigned.

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