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RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Displays 3D Content

RIM demoed a 3D version of its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet at BlackBerry World a few hours ago; the tablet has yet to be announced in the UK, nearly nine months after it was presented in the US.

You will need to wear 3D glasses to enjoy the content which RIM has produced using the know how of The Astonishing Tribe (TAT), the team of developers it acquired not so long ago.

More than 6000 analysts, bloggers and developers witnessed the "special 3D presentation" given by RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazardis, and it looks likely that the PlayBook natively supports 3D thanks to its dual core Texas Instruments OMAP4 system on chip.

Four games are actually in the offing with one expected to come out during the summer. The only other tablet that can display 3D content at the moment is the LG Optimus Pad, which doesn't require any special glasses to view the content and offers full HD decoding.

The LG tablet has a bigger screen than the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook and there are already a number of console quality games available on Tegra Zone, which comes as standard with all devices using the Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset.

RIM has announced that it intends to update the PlayBook as often as once every fortnight, and we reported nearly two weeks ago that the 16GB version of the tablet went on sale in the UK for £500.