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RIM-Microsoft Alliance Hints At Strategic Change

The surprising apparition a few hours ago of Microsoft's main man, Steve Ballmer, at BlackBerry World givng a keynote that few would have expected, could mean that the tech giant may be changing directions in its battle to gain mobile supremacy.

By enlisting Research In Motion and announcing that Bing would become the default search provider in browser and maps on Blackberry devices, Ballmer has set the tone for what looks to be a Microsoft more likely to strike strategic alliances than confront Google and Apple head on.

Analysts like Geoff Blaber from CCS Insight, have commented that this was a "shrewd move" from RIM as it allows them to gain a precious partner without direct investment, with Microsoft being the more likely of the pair to hand over a hefty sum of money.

Apart from its own operating system, Microsoft's partnership with RIM means that it is now present on three mobile platforms altogether (WP7, BOS and Symbian) with WebOS remaining the only other significant player left out.

Kevin Michaluk from also reported that Ballmer hinted at more integration between Blackberry and Microsoft towards the end fo the year although executives from both company declined to comment.