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RIM May Update PlayBook As Much As Once Every Two Weeks

Research in Motion, the parent company of the BlackBerry phone and tablet devices has announced that updates for its PlayBook tablets could come once every two weeks.

Speaking at the recent BlackBerry World Conference on Monday, vice president of software, RIM, Alan Panezic revealed the decision taken by the company.

"If we need to, we'll be cranking new capabilities for users every two weeks," he said, PC Mag reported.

The updates may come with new features and apps as well. The first set of updates after the announcement come in the form of the version 1.03 which includes the introduction of a new video chatting feature, and a new Facebook app which will make BlackBerry Messenger compatible with the BlackBerry Bridge and will also "make the browser ... much more compatible with the entire Web," Panezic said.

Panezic said that RIM has signed up with various wireless carriers so that the updates will go smoothly. In the past RIM needed approval from carriers before making any type of update, but compartmentalisation will allow them to push some updates through directly.

“[We] will make sure there's very clean separation between what's going on with the radio and the rest of the OS."