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Scammers Offer Fake Video Of Bin Laden's Death

Scammers are taking advantage of terrorist Osama Bin Laden’s death by launching new spam attacks on social networks like Facebook.

According to an advisory released by security firm Sophos, Facebook is flooded with several variants of the Osama Bin Laden death video scam.

The link, which supposedly allows users to watch a video of how the al Qaeda leader died, started spreading virally across Facebook just hours after US president Barack Obama announced his death.

The fake video has been spreading in the form of updates on Facebook users’ wall and a message with the link points to a banned video of Osama’s death.

Sharing and liking the post spreads it further, Sophos warned, advising users not to click on the link. Users are first required to like the page and share it before they are allowed to ‘watch’ the video.

When users like and share the page, instead of the video, they are then requested to complete a survey. Scammers get a commission for every survey completed and that's how they earn money.

There is no known video or photographs of the operation the killed bin Laden, though there are some photos of the compound after the operation had finished.