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Scareware Uses Searches Related To Bin Laden To Install Viruses On Mac OS X

The death of Bin Laden has given hackers another guise to hide fake antivrus software for the Mac OS X, taking advantage of the widespread popularity of the news.

According to a report on the Naked Security blog (opens in new tab)run by security firm Sophos, hackers have poisoned Google Image search with fake images of Osama Bin Laden and compromised URLs.

When unsuspecting users click on the rogue URL, they are redirected to a page which runs a fake JavaScript-based scan that informs that their system is infected with malware and their personal information is at risk.

The scan is a form of scareware designed to fool users into downloading the malware-ridden fake antivirus software and divulge their credit card information.

Another attack, which targets Mac users on social networking platforms such as Facebook, imitates a legitimate antivirus software called MacDefender. Ignorant users download the fake software and are forced to give hackers their credit card details when they ‘purchase’ the antivirus.

“It pretends to find some very important things that may have been compromised, such as the Terminal application and the standard Unix utilitytest, also known to Unix shell programmers as [,” Sophos explained.