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Valve Rewards Portal 2 Players With Free Downloadable Content

Game maker Valve has announced that Portal 2 will get a free expansion pack across all of the games multiple platforms.

The Portal 2 DLC #1 adds new test chambers and seems to suggest that more DLC will be forthcoming in the future, much to the relief of thousands of avid fans who completed the game's single player sessions in a matter of hours.

Both the single-player and multi-player - a co-operative effort starring the robots Atlas and P-Body, introduced into Portal 2 to address concerns about the longevity of the original title - will get a new challenge mode, too - although Valve has yet to clarify exactly what this mode will entail according to thinq_

Although no official figures have been published, Portal 2 is thought to have become Valve's best-selling game ever, finally overtaking Half Life 2.

Although the first batch of DLC is free on all platforms, including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Mac, don't be surprised if subsequent offerings come with a price tag.