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Vodafone To Install Mobile Chargers In 500 Of London's Black Cabs

UK mobile phone services provider Vodafone plans to install free mobile chargers in more than 500 black cabs in London as a part of a marketing campaign.

The campaign comes as the company announced improvements to its mobile reception in London. Vodafone will reportedly splurge £10 million on the marketing campaign to highlight the improvements that Vodafone has made to its network coverage.

According to Vodafone, by this summer more than 500 black cabs plying in London will be come equipped with mobile phone chargers that will allow commuters to charge their mobiles on the move, TechWatch reports.

Some black cabs will start offering the chargers by the end of this week with more joining in throughout the month.

Vodafone customers will also be able to pay for their cab ride through their cell phones, adding the fare to their monthly bill by sending a text message, giving you one more way to surprise yourself when the bill comes at the end of the month.

The black cabs that participate in the campaign will have Vodafone's corporate branding, breaking the classic black cab look but letting you know whether you can expect a top up as you ride.