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Vodafone opens up taxi payments by SMS

Mobile phone network Vodafone has announced a fleet of taxis in London, where customers can pay their fare from a text message along with recharging a mobile phone on their journey.

Vodafone is running out hundreds of branded black taxis in London, where existing Vodafone users no longer need to actually pay their cabbie at the end of the journey – as they can just text the word ‘Taxi’, followed by the taxi’s number and the amount to be paid and at no extra charge.

This negates the need to stop off at a cashpoint en route, making those ‘last minute’ stop a thing of the past in these Vodafone union jack painted taxis that are made up from over 2,000 London street names.

Besides the SMS-fare-service, Vodafone is also equipping the passenger-rear of the taxi with a range of chargers that support devices on their network.

The charging aspect of the branded transportation delivers the necessary top up of battery life a business mobile sorely needs to get through the average day.

Vodafone sees over 160 million calls each month in London, with over 155 million text messages and over 160 billion emails sent where the company is also running out branded Heathrow Express trains starting from next week.

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