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£169 Toshiba NB250-107 Netbook

The Toshiba NB250-107 Netbook, powered by the sophisticated Intel Atom N455 processor equips you with all the cutting edge technology that takes your computing experience to an entirely new level-suitable for both productivity, as well as entertainment purposes.

The Intel Atom N455 processor (512 KB L2 Cache, 1.7 GHz), along with the 1 GB RAM (expandable to 2 GB) that the Netbook carries ensures you a really high-speed working environment, thus giving away the room for any sloppy performance in the process.

The 250 GB SATA hard drive is spacious enough, combine it with the high quality display the NB250-107 boasts of - and you are equipped with a very secured, high performing work and entertainment set up.

The maximum display resolution is 1,024 x 600 pixels, while the response time is quite low at 16 ms. The contrast ratio and Pixel Pitch are 400:1 and 0.2175 x 0.2175 mm respectively.

The Lithium-Ion battery is capable of providing a long backup duration - up to 4.5 hours. The battery recharge time is usually 4 hours when powered off, and 12 hours when in use.

The Toshiba NB250-107 Netbook is available on Debenhams Extra for £169 only.