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American X Factor Servers Hacked, 25,000 Attention-Seeker Details Outed

The personal details of thousands of wannabe entrants to the American version of the X-Factor have been compromised in a hack according to thinq_

The stolen information includes entrants' names, dates of birth, gender, 'zip' codes, phone numbers, and email addresses, the Fox TV network warned in an email to those likley to be affected.

"This week, we learned that hackers illegally accessed information you and others submitted to us to receive information about The X Factor auditions," the network warned.

"We are taking this matter very seriously and are working with federal law enforcement authorities to investigate this illegal action."

The fear is that the inforamtion will be used to carry out phishing attacks on the TV wannabes by criminals pretending to be from the show.

"The X Factor will never ask you to email personal information such as financial data, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers or the user name or passwords you use to access other websites," it warned. "If you receive an email that appears to be from or The X Factor asking for personal information, please delete it, as it did not come from us.’