Apple Mac OS X Platform Hacker Toolkit Available In Underground Hacker Forums

A kit that allows hackers to create malware for Apple’s Mac OS X platform has become available in underground hacker forums.

According to a report on SC Magazine, the first of its kind crimeware kit for Mac OS X platform is being offered in known hacker forums.

The discovery was made by the CSIS Security Group, which revealed that the authors of the kit are keeping a low profile at the moment and are publicising the kit only to the members of the forum.

The researchers at the group claimed that the first version of the ‘Weyland-Yutani Bot’ crimeware kit is available for $1000 and offers hackers a chance to make malware for the Mac operating systems that run through the Firefox web browser.

Future versions of the crimeware tool are expected to support Safari and Chrome web browser. Support for Apple’s iPad tablet device and Linux based systems will also be released soon.

“First of all this is advanced crimeware very much like Zeus and Zbot. It even uses almost the very same templates to conduct web injections. Very nasty stuff indeed. Also this kit is a construction set meaning that it could generate a fairly large amount of samples in a very short time,” Peter Kruse partner and security specialist at CSIS Security Group, said in a statement to SC Magazine.