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Chrome Canary Builds Released For Mac OS X

Search engine giant Google has dished out the Chrome Canary channel for Apple’s Mac OS X platform.

The Canary builds, previously only available for Windows based systems, is a less publicised download channel for the Chrome web browser. Few people knew about the Canary download channel.

The Chrome Canary download channel, like Chrome’s Dev, Beta and Stable channel, delivers new version of the browser to the developers and users. However, what makes it unique is the fact that it offers the most cutting edge Chrome functionality and technology that have not even appeared on the other three channels.

The Chrome Canary channel offers a completely untested version of the web browser, meant only for the brave hearted.

“The Mac version of Google Chrome Canary follows the same philosophy: it automatically updates more frequently than the Dev channel, and does not undergo any manual testing before each release,” Mark Mentovai, Software Engineer, with the Chromium team said in a blog post announcing the release.

He warned that as the Canary version are untested; the versions that Mac based developers receive will be highly unstable and unusable at times. He also said that developers will be able to run the Canary versions of the browser concurrently with a Dev, Beta, or Stable version of Google Chrome.