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Executive Spills HP's Cloud Computing Plans Via LinkedIn

A Hewlett Packard executive has inadvertently revealed the company’s cloud computing plans on his profile on LinkedIn.

According to the now-edited LinkedIn profile of Scott McClellan, the chief technologist and interim vice president of engineering for HP’s new cloud computing division, the company is planning to release an Amazon like Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform that will allow clients to access to scalable processing capabilities, networking and storage on the cloud.

The company has also planned a cloud based development platform that will allow developers to build, host and scale applications created using Java and Ruby languages. The company plans to include other open source languages as well.

“Future HP 'cloud' website including the public content and authenticated user content. APIs and language bindings for Java, Ruby, and other open source languages. Fully functional GUI and CLI [command line interace] (both Linux/Unix and Windows),” the HP executive’s profile revealed. The details were removed from his profile after the story broke.

Back in March, HP CEO Leo Apothekar had talked about the company’s cloud ambition but had failed to elaborate on its plans.

According to a report on Channel Register, a source has revealed that the company plans to release the details of its cloud computing division at the upcoming VMware's VMworld conference in August.