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First Windows Phone 7 Security Update Released

Microsoft has finally unveiled the first ever security update for its Windows phone 7 mobile phone operating system.

The updates are a replication of the security patch that the company introduced for its desktop users some 6 weeks back. However the company did not specify till when the updates will be reaching the end users.

"At the time of release, the update is not available for all Windows Phone 7 customers," said a security advisory from the company.

It added, "Instead, customers will receive an on-device notification once the update is available for their phone."

An executive of the company mentioned in a blog post that it may take a while before the updates are finally made available.

Microsoft bosses also refrained from making any comments when asked about the possible reasons behind a delayed launch of these updates in comparison to the desktop security patches.

Eric Hautala, general manager of Windows Phone 7's customer experience engineering team, wrote in a blog post dated May 3rd that the ways to get their hands on these updates may vary from user-to-user.

“Customers with Deutsche Telekom and Optus, for example, will receive 7392 and the March update together ... [but] if you've already installed the March update, you'll receive 7392 as a standalone download or bundled with a future update," Hautala wrote in the blog post.