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Ford Family Cars Now To Become Wi-Fi Hotspots

Ford has introduced a new Wi-Fi feature which will enable users to access wireless internet from inside of their cars, the auto giant revealed.

The new features are named as SYNC and MyFord Touch technology, and they allow users to connect to the internet via USB modems, as well as through Smartphone connections. No additional cost to the end customers makes this feature even more attractive.

Ford claims that the technology, till now visible only in high-end luxury cars, will be used for the first time ever in family oriented cars priced below £16,000.

“Ford is an automaker that is quickly becoming a personal technology company as well,” said Christof Kellerwessel, chief engineer for electronic and electrical systems.

“We’re finding that Ford customers are tech savvy and – while travelling as passengers in cars – they want to be able to use their Wi-Fi enabled devices while on the move,” he added.

The highly anticipated technology is likely to hit the market in 2012, followed by a huge campaign in order to promote it.

Ford however, is not ready to reveal anything further, at least not at the moment.