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IBM, Red Hat Team Up To Produce Open-Source Virtualisation Products

Commercial Linux distributor RedHat and IBM have announced a partnership that looks to boost open source virtualisation software.

The two companies have agreed to jointly develop products and services that use kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) technology. The technology allows clients to create and run several versions of Windows and Linux on a single server.

Both IBM and RedHat aim to create KVM based products that cater to client demands for data centre automation, virtual storage and networking, security and appliance management.

The products will involve virtualisation and cloud management services that are built using APIs for IBM Director, Tivoli and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation Manager.

The companies revealed that the Brazilian Federal Highway Police is already using a tool based on KVM technology running on IBM hardware and a RedHat enterprise virtualisation platform.

“We believe that open source virtualization solutions give our partners freedom from lock in and the ability to take advantage of the rapid innovation that the open source model enables,” said Scott Crenshaw, vice president and general manager, Cloud Business Unit at Red Hat, in a statement.

“Through KVM, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization offers compelling benefits, such as performance and scalability, to customers."