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iMac With Intel Sandy Bridge Chips And Thunderbolt Unveiled

Apple has unveiled its new iMac that features the latest Thunderbolt I/O technology, quad core processor and enhanced graphics.

According to the company, the new range of iMacs will be almost 70 percent faster than the previous versions, while the graphics ensures a three time, if not more, better performance than what was in the offering till last year.

Reports are that the product has already hit the market and can be purchased from retail stores as well as from the Apple website.

Also there are reports about its 21.5 inch variant being available for almost $1,199 while the 27 inch model is priced at a “slightly” higher $1,999.

The Thunderbolt technology it is equipped with will allow users data transaction at a much faster pace than the normal USB 2.0 technology, while the second generation Intel core CPU ensures a much improved and efficient computing experience-both in terms of speed and reliability.

Apart from the enhanced CPU and data port features, the newly launched product also boasts of having a much faster AMD graphics card, and in built Facetime High Definition video cameras. The rest of the features including the design have not undergone much of a renovation though.