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Infoblox Now Supports IPv6 Protocol

Infoblox has updated its DNS appliances to allow web organisations to migrate to the IPv6 protocol from IPv4.

The transition of new and existing websites to the IPv6 protocol as the world is about to run out of IPv4 address will soon become an industry wide norm.

Regulators and internet firms are warning website owners to move to the new protocol before the existing ones run out. Web organisations will need tools that will help them move to the new protocol and manage existing ones.

The company claims that the demand for IPv6 tools like the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and a translation tool called DNS64 is slowly increasing, especially in wireless carriers, universities and government agencies.

According to an article on Network World, the companies IPv6 announcement comes a day after OpenDNS released a free IPv6-based DNS service that allows companies to test the new protocol before a company wide transition takes place.

"We do have customers that are very eager to deploy IPv6," says Cricket Liu, Infoblox vice president of architecture and technology.

"We do have a very big transnational company based in Japan. They are doing an end-to-end IPv6 rollout, and it hinges on DHCPv6. They pushed us very hard to have it."