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iPad 2 And iPhone Impacting Digital Camera Supplies

The great demand for the iPad 2 and the iPhone, not to mention the upcoming iPhone 5, is having an effect on the supply of small-sized panels, which is in turn affecting other consumer electronics devices, such as digital still cameras.

Digi Times reports that many manufacturers’ of DSCs have seen shipments drop in the second quarter of 2011 due to the great demand for small panels for iPad 2 and iPhone devices.

According to upstream sources digital still camera makers, especially the Taiwan-based DSC makers, Ability Enterprise, Altek, and Foxconn Electronics, have been particularly impacted by the shortages.

Despite this fact, shipment volumes for 2011 are going to be higher than those reported for 2010. It seems that the DLSR camera and smartphone sector growth has not hindered the overall increase in DSC demand.

The supply of CCD image sensors, also needed for DSCs, has also become unstable. The production of these key components has slowed down since March because of the Japanese earthquake, and this might also affect DSC production in the next quarter.

Sources say that the small panel shortage could be alleviated by June, but its effect will still weigh down on the market.

The tablet market, and mainly iPad 2, is also “blamed” for reducing PC demand, as it is steadily stealing a big part of the laptop/notebook/PC sector.