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Its Official, Nintendo Wii Prices Down To $149.99

Nintendo has finally brought an official cut-down in the price of its Wii video game console.

With this move by the company, Wii from now on will be available for $149.99 only. Nintendo has also included the widely popular Mario game in the bundle in order to make the offer more appealing.

An official price cut for the console was inevitable, as believed by many. It was only a couple of weeks back when many retailers brought down the price to $169, $30 less than the original $199 previously.

Also the fact that Nintendo had officially confirmed the release of the Wii successor Wii 2 somewhere during the next year, made the rumours go even stronger than ever before.

According to many, Nintendo had to lower the price of the product for its stake in the market was going rapidly downward following the releases of the PlayStation3 and Xbox 360 consoles. Also, the company had to think of something new in order to get back the attention of the hardcore gaming community, prior to the launch of the Wii 2.

It seems like the prophecies are finally taking the shape of plain facts. Now what remains interesting to observe is that whether or not Nintendo lowers the price even further, and if it does not, what strategy it adopts in order to retain the anticipation of gamers.