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Malicious iPhone 5 News Link On Facebook

M 86 Security Labs has warned about a new method scammers have come up with to spread malicious links. They have created a link on Facebook’s latest social plug-in, supposedly offering the latest news about the iPhone 5 from Wired News.

M 86 gives further details, explaining that once users have clicked on a link, they are redirected to a .info site. Users are then asked to fill in a verification field but they cannot see what they are actually typing. The result afterwards is that users leave a comment on that info website via the Facebook social plug-in layer for comments.

Users are then asked to download a file containing user adware software which then tries to convince them to sign up and send money to become affiliate members.

Some antivirus programmes can block the scam because the files have known malware dubbed 'Aware.Yontoo', though M86 says that at least 100,000 users have clicked through to the rogue site.

The iPhone 5 fake news and Bin Laden’s dead body fake video are two of the most used scams right now. AVG, the antivirus manufacturer says that such attacks used to occur once a week, but now they are taking place every other day. Facebook is also trying to stop the scam.

Users should be more careful and bear in mind that no site requires a survey or a CAPTCHA question to enable access to a story.