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Microsoft Appoints New Head To Its .Net Division

Microsoft has appointed the head of its .Net division to help develop its Windows Azure Application Platform to take on similar offerings from Amazon and Google.

Scott Guthrie, the corporate vice president of the .Net developer platform, will now help fuel development in Microsoft’s Azure Application Platform and help the company win developer support for the platform.

Microsoft’s Azure is a cloud-based computing platform that allows developers to run their applications, similar to the EC2 cloud services offered by Amazon Web Services.

“We needed a passionate leader for bringing developers to the Windows Azure platform. Scott has been increasingly responsible for areas that are of great importance to Azure, and his technical expertise and passion are key to helping Azure take the next step in these areas,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement to The Register.

Guthrie will be reporting directly to Microsoft’s senior vice president of the business platform division, Ted Kummert. Microsoft has chosen Guthrie to win developers for the platform not only because he has deep technical expertise, but he is also a favorite with Microsoft developers.

The appointment was announced in an internal memo to employees, informing them about the recent shuffles in the company’s Sever and Tools business division.