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New iPhone App Gigwalk Allows Spot Job Hiring

A California based start-up Gigwalk has launched its app for the iPhone that allows users to recruit people for small, part-time jobs right off the streets.

The location based app allows any business to make real-time jobs for work that can be done by virtually anyone and does not require an area of expertise.

The app is great for those who are looking to earn an extra buck will travelling or in their free time. It also provides businesses, like retail outlets, or anyone with a job at hand, to recruit people for part-time, light-weight work.

The company has a new, promising concept that has attracted around $1.7 million in venture capital funding from known investors.

The app works by allowing companies to post a job and the amount they are willing to pay. Gigwalk then finds out whether the job was done by using location data. Some of the jobs to be posted on the platform include verifying street names, reporting red-light cameras, photographing menus and auditing customer services at a retail outlet.

The company is currently operational in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, and Miami. The minimum amount companies can pay for a particular job is $3 with a maximum of $90.