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Report Finds No Link Between Video Game Violence, Real-World Aggression

Researchers have discovered that there is no link between playing violent video games and streaks of aggression, rubbishing previous studies.

A new study conducted by researchers over at the Huddersfield University has found that playing football games like FIFA and Pro Evolution caused more agitation among players than having a go on Call of Duty.

The study found that killing in video games is not considered ‘real’ by the brain but playing football video games resulted in a more emotional response from the player that might lead to aggression.

The researchers claimed that playing sports was closer to most peoples' real-life situations than shooting someone in the head.

According to an article on CVG, the study was unveiled at the annual British Psychological Society conference in Glasgow.

The entire study was carried out using Microsoft’s Xbox 360. The researchers studied the heart rate, respiration and brain activity of 40 male and female gamers taking part in the study.

“There is much concern over the effects of violent video games and how these contribute to general aggression. However, this research indicates that 'killing' someone is not as 'real' as playing a sport, and that the brain recognises this and doesn't react in the same way” one of the researchers said in a statement to The Daily Mail.