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Report Reveals Attachmate Planning Mono Makeover

A new unconfirmed report has revealed that Novell’s Mono is being put through a massive makeover session by its new owner Attachmate.

Attachmate acquired Novell last month in April for an amount close to the $2.2 billion mark.

Barely a couple of weeks down the road with this new acquisition, and Attachmate has already “laid off” unknown number of developers in the Mono team who were working on the open source Mono project, a report by the website InternetNews claimed.

It is important to note here that Mono was the leading force behind all of Novell’s effort to deliver an open source implantation of the Microsoft proprietary .NET framework on the Linux platform.

If the report is to be believed, it is indeed a major setback, if not devastating for Microsoft, as well as for the whole of the .NET community.

"We have re-established Nuremburg as the headquarters of our SUSE business unit and the prioritization and resourcing of certain development efforts - including Mono - will now be determined by the business unit leaders there," Jeff Hawn reportedly said in an exclusive statement sent to InternetNews.

“This change led to the release of some US based employees today”, Hawn added.