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Report Reveals Wimpole Farm In Cambridgeshire Run By Virtual Farmers

A new report has revealed that the Wimpole Home Farm is going to be run by “virtual farmers”.

The Wimpole farm is located near Royston in Cambridgeshire and it operates directly under the National Trust. It is also the largest rare breeds’ center in East Anglia.

The online farmers participating in the project can contribute to the productivity of the farm by casting their votes on their preferred crops that they think should be cultivated, as well as giving their individual opinion regarding which livestock to rear. They will be charged £30 a year as subscription fee though.

According to reports, the online farmers will be offered the exact same choices that real life farmers have to ponder over every year keeping in mind all the crucial factors such as weather, availability of the crops in the market, or other unknown factors such as inflation, natural hazards etc.

"This is all about reconnecting people with where food comes from... We have no idea about whether this will work but we're eager to see what happens," said Dame Fiona Reynolds, the director general of the National Trust.

"It's our role to reconnect people with farming to promote better understanding and greater protection for the land on which we all depend," she added.