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Seagate Reveals Hard Disk Drive With 1TB Platters, 5TB HDD coming?

Seagate announced this morning that it had managed to cram up to 1TB worth of data on one single platter and delivered the first 3.5-inch hard disk drive based on this technology.

The storage firm, which took over Samsung's storage arm last month for $1.38 billion, says that the platter has an aerial density of 625 Gigabits per square inch, the highest in the industry. Until now, the highest platter capacity was 750GB which were used in 2TB and 3TB hard disk drives.

Seagate's GoFlex Desk products will be using the new hard drive with the top of the range 3TB model using three 1TB platters. ITProPortal readers will remember that strictly speaking, Samsung was the first one to come up with a hard disk drive with a 1TB platter, the HN-D201RAE.

The drive was previewed at CeBit back in March 2011 on Samsung Electronics' booth. When we asked Samsung back then when the 2TB drive would be available for sale, we were told that it was only a prototype and that the final release time and availability is not fixed yet.

But Samsung is now part of Seagate and we suspect that the latter might have used Samsung's technology to deliver this triple platter, 3TB Go Flex product. Seagate could reassert its technological superiority over its main rival, Western Digital, by launching a 4TB hard disk drive fairly quickly and perhaps a 5TB monster using five platters.

The GoFlex range was the first one, back in June 2010, to launch a 3TB hard disk drive. The drives are expected to be available for sale towards the end of the year and, for the foreseeable future, the GoFlex range is likely to sport a mixture of 750GB and 1TB platters.

A Samsung spokesperson told us "Seagate and Samsung are two, completely separate, fully competing companies there has been absolutely no collaboration on these drives". He also added, "the Samsung drive was a prototype and Samsung didn’t say when it was going to be produced in volume or shipped. The Seagate GoFlex Desk offering is a realised product; the internal Barracuda desktop version will follow in mid-year."