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Sony Doesn't Attend Congressional Hearing Regarding PSN Attack

New reports have emerged that Sony declined to appear before the Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade regarding the recent security breaches in its PlayStation and PC online gaming networks.

The hearing was originally scheduled by the Subcommittee on May 4, where the console giant was supposed to testify and explain its position regarding the recent attack on its gaming networks which allowed hackers to steal personal information of up to 102 million users, including credit card information.

"Sony declined to testify because their internal investigation is still ongoing," a Representative Mary Bono Mack (R-California) said in an exclusive statement to the game-blog Kotaku.

Despite not attending today’s hearing, a Sony America representative guaranteed that his company would fully cooperate with Congress on the issue.

"Sony is cooperating with the request for answers to the Committee's questions, and in fact will be providing our responses in advance of the deadline," the spokesperson said.

In the mean time, a Toronto based law firm has filed a lawsuit against Sony "for the breach of privacy”. The lawsuit reportedly asks for a compensation of over $1 billion from the company.

The damage to Sony's profits is still unclear, but it must be growing every day that its networks stay down.