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Sony Hires Private Investigators To Find PSN Attackers

Sony has hired investigators to discover who was behind the attack on its servers in which personal and financial data belonging to more than 100 million users were stolen.

According to a report on BBC , Sony has hired hi-tech investigators from Guidance Software and Data Forte to get to the bottom of the security breach and discover who carried out the attacks and the data theft.

Sony has also teamed up with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and database maker Oracle to investigate the attacks.

The company has maintained that its credit card database, which was encrypted, has not been compromised but has revealed that an outdated database of credit and debit card numbers of 12,000 non-US users and 10,000 debit card transaction records on users in Germany, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands has been compromised.

The Japanese gaming giant was forced to shut down its PlayStation Network and Online Entertainment services after the company experienced an external breach. Sony later revealed that personal and financial details of 102 million users had been compromised.

The company is under immense pressure from the US government and consumers worldwide to reveal the exact details of the attack and extent of the damages suffered. Sony is also facing two class action lawsuits, asking more than $1 billion in damages.