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Sony hires security firms to solve hacking puzzle

Sony has hired a number of top security and forensic firms in an attempt to figure out who was behind the catastrophic breach of its online gaming networks (opens in new tab), which led to millions of account details being exposed (opens in new tab).

Sony said that it is now working with Protiviti, Guidance Software and Data Forté, which specialise in forensically examining computers and security consulting.

Sony is also working with the FBI in San Diego, the location of its gaming data centres.

The company has hired law firm Baker & McKenzie, suggesting it will rigorously pursue those behind the attacks, which have undoubtedly cost the company a fortune and resulted in monumentally bad reputation.

Pressure has been mounting on Sony from all fronts as concern grows over Sony's mishandling of the affair and the inadequate security that led to the incident. Senator Richard Blumenthal wrote to Sony slating it for its “egregious inadequacy”, while the data privacy omudsman in the Schleswig-Holstein state of Germany said it will question Sony.

So far not a lot is known about the attacks, but a source told The Wall Street Journal (opens in new tab) that some of the attacks came from a Malaysian server.

Other possible suspects include hackers from Eastern Europe or the hacktivist outfit Anonymous, but Sony has said there is no evidence to suggest it was behind the attacks. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.