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Symantec Releases Cloud-Based Version Of Backup Exec Software

Security software maker Symantec has unveiled a cloud based version of its Backup Exec platform.

The SaaS platform, which was unveiled during the Symantec’s Vision 2011 conference in Las Vegas, will allow small organisations or remote offices to backup important files and other data without the need of on-premise appliances or extra staff.

The Windows-based software allows IT administrators to automatically make quick data backups and recovery using a simple user interface. The company said that the platform will be compatible with the Business Exec software that is already available for large enterprises.

The new cloud based data backup software is a part of Symantec’s newly unveiled platform for offering security, data protection and email management services to customers. The Symantec cloud platform also includes the Symantec Enterprise platform that offers email archiving, management and storage to large organisations.

“We've seen a great deal of momentum in the adoption of cloud-based services for their ease of management and deployment,” senior vice president Rowan Trollope, said in a statement (opens in new tab).

"This demand has necessitated expansion of our data centre capabilities to deliver software-as-a-service services to customers in more than 112 countries."