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Which? Recommends Digital Radio Switchover Be Delayed Five Years

Consumer organisation Which? has advised the British government to implement the country-wide digital radio switchover after its user base exceeds 70 percent. If the government follows the advice it will delay the the switchover five years, from the current target date 2015 to 2020.

Which?, like nearly every other industry body that has disapproved off the switchover, claims that the government should implement its digital radio switchover policy only after the service becomes popular with consumers to realise the full benefits of the technology.

The organisation said that the government’s plans should be focused on the needs and wants of the consumers. It believes that the current £10 million plan for a switchover is industry-led instead of focusing on consumers.

The government currently plans to implement strict switchover policies after the listenership of digital radio breaches 50 percent.

“The Which? report is a well thought through and serious piece of work, unlike the nonsense that is presently being spewed out by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Ministers would do well to implement its recommendations rather than continue with the shambolic policy they are pursuing,” said William Rogers, the chief executive of the local radio group UKRD, reports The Telegraph.