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Will Apple Release Two iPhone 5 Versions?

Rumours are circulating that Apple is going to launch two versions of the iPhone 5 – a standard version and a pro version, according to a report citing an anonymous Apple parts manufacturer employee.

Apple has apparently ordered two different standards of parts – some to be fitted on the 'normal' version and the others, the best quality parts, to be incorporated in to the pro version.

As we also previously assumed, the iPhone 5 could be pushed till the end of August or beginning of September. Perhaps the standard version is intended to compete with the very affordable Android smartphones. Other rumours have also suggested that this version might be the “iPhone 4 S”.

The same inside source says that Apple is going to make the iPhone announcements after the so-called “Back to school” season, following the same announcement pattern from the past. This would be a good move for Apple since people crave for diversity in the smartphone market.

It seems that Apple has decided to focus all their attention to internal hardware. For this reason it is very likely that the iPhone 5 will be a global device or an all-carrier device. There is also the hypothesis that only the pro version will be a global phone incorporating state of the art specs.