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Windows Thin PC To Be Released By End Of June

Microsoft is going to launch its new operating system Windows Thin PC, also known as WinTPC sometime in late June, according to new reports.

After revealing details about the new product line on Monday, the tech heavyweight made it clear that the WinTPC was unlikely to hit the markets before June 30.

“Customers like the reduced footprint of WinTPC – the machines they will likely use it on often have less disk space than brand new machines and WinTPC helps to ensure they will have adequate space,” Karri Alexion Tiernan, the Director of Product Management - Desktop Virtualization at Microsoft Corp. wrote in a blog post.

"They also like the write filters which are helping customers to secure the device running WinTPC by preventing them from saving data or installing applications locally,” Tiernan continued.

She further added that the customers are satisfied due to the fact that, with the introduction of the WinTPC, they can make better use of their existing System Center to manage computing resources.

Since March 28, over 12,000 customers and partners have been taking part in the technology preview program that is being used to test Windows TPC prior to its launch.