Xobni Opens Its Own App Store

Xobni, the company behind the popular email plug-in of the same name, has launched its own app store.

Xobni is a growing company based in San Francisco, US. Established in 2006, the company specialises in offering “unique and intelligent ways” of managing email accounts on BlackBerry devices as well as through Microsoft Outlook.

With this recent move by the company, users can now take advantage of having a variety of productivity services, such as Dropbox, Evernote, Flickr, and Yammer inside their inbox.

The app store, as of now, has nearly 20 free and paid applications that users can choose depending on their requirements.

According to the company, the app store features applications for both casual users and developers.

"For years, Xobni has given users access to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter information for their contacts right in their inbox. Thanks to our partners and open standards, we're now able to offer many more services that help users save time and effort," Jeff Bonforte, Xobni CEO, said in a statement, PC Mag reports.

"This platform also gives developers an easy way to reach hundreds of millions of Outlook users, while using the same code for Gmail," he added.