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£69.99 Western Digital Elements 2TB External Hard Drive

The Western Digital Elements External Hard Drive is a smart way to store all your valuable digital data in a high security environment.

In comparison to the high-reliability and utmost efficiency that it can boast of, the WD Elements External Hard Drive is fairly on the cheaper side as far as the price is concerned.

The design is excellent - clean back and no unnecessary frills or anything that does not deserve to be there, has not been included. All in all, be it the performance factor, or the “eye candy” design, this product does not deviate from the outstanding track record of Western Digital that the company has been maintaining so far throughout its existence.

When it comes to the specs and features, this external hard drive carries with it a massive 2 TB storage capacity, meaning that you can store more than 50k uncompressed CD-quality songs, over 500k mp3s, over 400k digital images, 150 hours of DV, 767 straight hours of DVD quality video or almost 245 hours of High-Definition videos.

The interface of the device is USB 2.0, while the transfer rate stands at 480 Mbps. It is compatible with almost all leading versions of the Windows and Mac operating systems. It is extremely light and weighs only 1.02 kg, while the dimension is 203.82 x 36.14 x 124.68 mm.

The Western Digital Elements External Hard Drive can be purchased from Dixon for a fairly reasonable price of £69.99 only.