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AMNews: Sony’s CEO Silent On PSN Outage, Next-Gen EVA Unveiled, Mono Makeover, HP Cloud Computing Plans

Apart from demanding answer, Sony’s customers and everybody else is eager to know why Sony’s chairman, chief executive, and president Howard Stringer has remained silent even as his company faces a great deal of challenges ahead of itself. Even the Sony press conference in Tokyo involved Sony’s deputy president Kazuo Hirai explaining the situation to the press and apologising on behalf of the company.

The next generation Enterprise Virtual Army (EVA) will be unveiled in this year June, Hewlett-Packard confirmed on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the company will be offering an early access program to some selected enterprises to use the HP P6000 Enterprise EVA before the official upgrade of the product finally hits the market.

Computing solutions provider Hewlett-Packard has released a bunch of new retail solutions that are targeted towards enhancing customers’ retail experience via customer satisfaction and retention. The company released the new rp5800 Retail System point-of-sale system that allows for lesser cash processing time, thereby making retail transactions easier than before.

A new unconfirmed report has revealed that Novell’s Mono is being put through a massive makeover session by its new owner Attachmate. Attachmate acquired Novell last month in April for an amount close to the $2.2 billion mark.

According to the now-edited LinkedIn profile of Scott McClellan, the chief technologist and interim vice president of engineering for HP’s new cloud computing division, the company is planning to release an Amazon like Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform that will allow clients to access to scalable processing capabilities, networking and storage on the cloud.